The Sustainable Manufacturing Summit
DATE TBC | Arena MK, Milton Keynes

The Sustainable Manufacturing Summit is being held on DATE TBC , at the Arena MK, Milton Keynes.

* Green Energy
* Energy Conservation
* Water & Wastewater
* Circular Economy
* Sustainable Packaging
* Emissions Reduction
* Supply Chain Optimisation

Sustainable manufacturing is about maximising the design of the products we use every day and minimising the impacts on the environment of the manufacturing resources required to make them. Manufacturing has a big part to play in achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Attend this event to understand how action on digitalisation and sustainability are of equal importance and need to be embraced and delivered. Non-labour resource costs required within manufacturing operations invariably exceed those of labour employed. The case for reducing the amount of energy, raw materials and other resources expended, makes financial as well as environmental sense. This event will provide engineers with information on how to embrace resource productivity by embedding current good practice, promote peer-to-peer collaboration at scale and highlight the potent combination of digital and sustainable approaches to deliver success.